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The IÖW is a leading scientific institute in the field of practice-oriented sustainability research. It devises strategies and approaches for viable, long-term economic activity – for an economy which enables a good life and preserves natural resources.

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The implementation of sustainable consumption presents one of the greatest challenges of our era. Consumption is a wanted and necessary phenomenon, integral to our society and economy, yet our way of consuming contradicts important ecological and social long-term goals. Although research on sustainable consumption has gained in importance and been addressed by various disciplines, the new Handbook of Research on Sustainable Consumption is one of the few to compile and summarize the important research findings. > more information


The journal Evidence & Policy invites contributions to a special issue on "Advancing evidence-based sustainable development policies: new approaches addressing the science-policy interface. Guest editors are André Martinuzzi, Institute for Managing Sustainability at WU Wien and IÖW scientist Gerd Scholl. Deadline for Submission of abstracts is April 1st, 2015. > more information


Do you remember what was happening back in 1985? Scientists report a hole in the ozone layer. The Brundtland Commission is working on the report ‘Our Common Future’. The French secret service sinks the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior I. ‘Sustainable’ is still a technical term used in forestry. Little consideration is given to CO2 emissions and climate change. That year, on 30 May, a dedicated group of progressive thinkers in the field of environmental research planted a seed in the Berlin soil that would grow and grow: they founded the Institute for Ecological Economy Research. > more information


Fighting climate change should be one of our priorities today. Additionally, it is utterly important to adapt to the consequences of global warming. But adaptation often fails because of barriers, which are hard to overcome. Based on the international Chameleon Research Workshop, held in autumn 2012 in Berlin, a team of researchers from IÖW, the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and renowned international climate adaptation scientists conducted a review of current research on barriers to adaptation and developed recommendations on how to advance barrier research. Results are published in the article “Explaining and overcoming barriers to climate change adaption” in the journal Nature Climate Change. > more information


On the occasion of the 4th international Degrowth Conference in Leipzig the Blog Postwachstum widened its focus towards the international Degrowth debate and extended its offering by English articles from all over the world. From now on, the editors of Blog Postwachstum at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) will also cooperate with the team of The Daly News at the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE). > more information


A book promoting policies to make it easier to live the Good Life must do two things. Firstly, it must demonstrate that such policies are necessary; secondly, it must set out how such a policy programme is to be implemented. In other words, it has to show that the politics of sufficiency is feasible. > more information


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IÖW – Partner in Ecornet

The IÖW is a partner in Ecornet, the network of leading non-university institutes of sustainability research in Germany.