RE-Regions: Socio-Ecology of Self-Sufficiency

The conditions for and diffusion of concepts for the complete energy supply of municipalities and regions on the base of renewables - main focus on bioenergy
Period: May 2009 - April 2014
Supported by: Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Berlin
Cooperation Partners: Centre for Renewable Energy (ZEE), University of Freiburg (leader of junior research group: Dr. Chantal Ruppert-Winkel)
University Hohenheim, Institute for Landscape and Plant-Ecology

Involved IÖW employees: Dr. Astrid Aretz (Project leader IÖW), Michael Kreß, Timo Böther, Mark Bost, Dr. Elisa Dunkelberg, Steven Salecki, Johannes Rupp


There is broad consensus today that local involvement is needed to achieve climate protection targets agreed on a higher political level. Renewable energy self-suffiency can make a significant contribution to this. Especially the use of biomass, which has shown a dynamic development in recent years, is attributed with particular potential. On the one hand, biomass can be used for diverse utilisation. Moreover, biomass is easily integrated into the conventional energy system due to its characteristic as a storable energy source. On the other hand, the use of biomass energy has considerable impact on the socio- and the biosphere and thus also has its limits. This makes a consideration of ecological and social aspects in conjunction with economic and technical aspects indispensable.
The focus of this project therefore lies on the use of bioenergy. The aim of this project is to compile requirements for success as well as factors for the implementation and control of concepts for the complete energy supply (electricity and heat) of municipalities and regions on the basis of renewable energies. This involves a comprehensive approach that focuses particularly on ecological and social risks and opportunities.

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Publication of the project:

Dunkelberg, Elisa; Aretz, Astrid (2013)
Rupper-Winkel, Chantal; Hauber, Jürgen; Aretz, Astrid; Funcke, Simon; Kress, Michael; Noz, Sophia; Salecki, Steven; Schlager, Patric; Stablo Järmo (2013)

Selected presentations of

Kreß, Michael
Workshop Workshop on energy & society. Session: Sustainable energy systems and local communities
Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), 22 Mar 2012
Kreß, Michael
Conference ISEE Conference 2010
Oldenburg, Germany, 24 Aug 2010
Topic: Water and Land Management, Climate and Energy
Research field: Sustainable Energy and Climate Protection, Ecological Product Policy