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An analysis of policy instruments addressing energy-efficient retrofitting of residential dwellings with a view to potential savings and barriers
in: Sustainable Consumption: Towards Action and Impact. International scientific conference, November 6th-8th 2011, Hamburg. Abstract Volume. S. 84
Autor/innen: Weiß, Julika; Vogelpohl, Thomas
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Publikationstyp: Beitrag zu Sammelwerk


Results of an analysis of policy instruments in Germany addressing retrofitting of single-family and semi-detached houses were presented. The analysis builds on an investigation of the barriers being responsible for the discrepancy between potential and actual refurbishment rates. Furthermore, the potential savings identified have been taken into account. Re-sults of this analysis show that the policy instruments currently in force do not adequately address the measures promis-ing the highest energy savings as well as the specific barriers of homeowners towards an energy efficient refurbishment. Drawing on these findings, recommendations for improving current policy instruments and implementing new instruments are given, focussing on the most promising types of buildings and refurbishment measures. Sustainable Consumption Towards Action and Impact -Abstract Volume- (pdf)
Beteiligte IÖW-Autor/innen: Dr. Julika Weiß, Thomas Vogelpohl
Thema: Umweltpolitik und Governance, Klima und Energie, Produkte und Konsum
Forschungsfeld: Nachhaltige Energiewirtschaft und Klimaschutz