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Workshop 1.2 | Transforming mobility: concepts and emerging pathways

Mobility for goods and people is a core activity in modern economies and therefore transport is a key sector in the sustainability transition. It is the precondition for global value chains and people going about their modern ‘everyday life’. Often good transport infrastructures are seen as a precondition for economic growth and economic growth in turn drives increases in mobility. At the same time carbon emissions from the sector continue to grow and current policies have been unable to reverse this trend. This workshop discusses how sustainable mobility transitions can be conceptualised and reflects on the progress made so far in Germany as well as experiences from other countries. What kinds of transition pathways and options are emerging or are starting to accelerate? How will the Corona crises experience with the disruption of supply chains and restrictions on personal mobility have longer lasting impacts on the mobility transition?


With contributions from:

  • Reflections on the mobility transition from a (deep) transitions perspective and practical experiences
    Prof. Dr. Johan Schot, University of Utrecht
  • Bottom-up drivers for Germany’s laggard transport transition
    Prof. Dr. Sophia Becker, Technische Universität Berlin

Chair: Dr. Florian Kern, Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)