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Blind Spots of Global Climate Governance

International Conference

16. Februar 2007 8:45 - 22:00

BMBF-Project Global Governance and Climate Change,
Heinrich Böll Foundation

Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin
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The Topic:
Within international negotiations as well as in public debates, climate change is considered as being the largest global challenge for humankind in the 21st century. Nation states cannot fulfil this task alone. For this reason, actors from science and civil society like NGOs, trade unions and especially the private sector are similarly questioned in a politically complex multi-level system reaching from the local to the global level. Together joint solutions and strategies shall be drafted and implemented so that a new multi-level comprehensive steering, participation and cooperation mechanisms are sought. Core questions concerning democratic and fair participation, a socio-ecological re-shaping of energy systems as well as a widely spread effective public debate, have hardly been discussed. With this design, the international conference aims to focus on the “Blind Spots” of the currently predominant technological and economical orientated climate policy, and to place them at the centre of the discussion.

  • 08.45 am
    Registration and Coffee
  • 09.15 am
    Welcome and Introduction

    Barbara Unmüßig - Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, Germany

    Achim Brunnengräber - Free University Berlin, Germany

  • 10.00 am Panel 1 - Discourse

    Angela Oels - University of Hamburg, Germany
    The Discursive Landscape of Global Climate Governances: Neoliberal Hegemony and Marginalised Voices

  • Riley E. Dunlap - Oklahoma State University, USA
    Public Perception of Global Warming in the USA: Influences of Environmental Movements and Corporate Lobbying

    Harald Schumann - Journalist, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, Germany
    Effectively Communicating Climate Change

    Moderation: Christina Grefe - Journalist, Die Zeit, Berlin Germany

  • 11.30 am
    Coffee Break

  • 11.45 am Panel 2 - Justice
  • Karen O'Brien - Department of Sociology and Human Geography, university of Oslo, Norway
    Vulnerability and Human Security: Reconceptualising Nature-Society Relationships

    Jouni Paavola - Sustainabiliy Researsch Institute, Leeds, UK
    Fairness in Adapting to Climate Change - Considering Governance Issues in Adaptation Policy

    Euster Kibona - Environment Protection Management Services, Tanzania
    Gender Justice and Climate Change - Why Gender Matters

    Moderation: Christa Wichterich - Journalist and Author, Berlin, Germany

  • 01.15 pm
    Lunch Break

  • 02.30 pm Panel 3 - Democracy

    Diana Liverman - Environmental Institute Oxford, UK
    Emerging Contradictions for Civil Society in Climate Governance: Carbon Offsets, Food Miles, Forests and Development

    Paul Upham - Tyndall Centre, Manchester, UK
    Procedures to Facilitate Participation in Climate and Renewable Energy Policy

    Christoph Ritz - Forum for Climate and Global Change ProClim Bern, Switzerland
    Challenges ans Limits of Democracy in Climate Policy

    Moderation: Andreas Zumach - Journalist, Die Tageszeitung, Berlin, Germany

  • 04.00 pm
    Coffee Break

  • 04.30 pm Panel 4 - Security
  • Lutz Metz - Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Free University Berlin, Germany
    General Dimensions of Energy Security and the Underestimated Role of Renewable Energies

    Nicola Bullard - Focus in the Global South, Bangkok, Thailand
    Wars over Oil and Global Geostrategies - a Perspective from the South

    Patrick Bond - Centre for Civil Society at the University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa
    Climate Change, Energy Security and Peace: Meeting the Triple Challenge Together

    Moderation: Reinhard Loske - MdB, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Berlin, Germany

  • 06.00 pm
  • 07.30 pm Panel 5 - Challenges

    Elmar Altvater - Free University Berlin, Germany

    Peter Nevell - Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick, UK

    Jörg Haas - Heinrich Böll Foundation, Germany
  • Moderation: Gotelind Alber - Climate Policy Consultant, Berlin, Germany

  • 09.00 pm Concluding Speech

    Heike Walk - Centre for Technology and Society, Technical University Berlin, Germany

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