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CORPUS "1st Policy meets Research”-Workshop on Sustainable Food Consumption


21. Oktober 2010  -  22. Oktober 2010
Vienna, Austria
The CORPUS "Policy Meets Research" Workshops aim to enhance the connectivity between research and policy-making. They facilitate community building and provide specifically tailored arenas for personal exchange and the sharing of knowledge and experience among the scientific and policy communities.

The 1st Workshop on Sustainable Food Consumption with a focus on “Facts, Trends, Objectives, Actors, Systems” takes place on 21-22 October 2010 in Vienna, Austria, on the premises of the Austrian Ministry of Environment. More than 50 participants from all over Europe – researchers, policy-makers and civil society representatives (see list of participants) – engaged in two days of intensive discussion of current issues in the field. The agenda of the event is available here.

 The specific aims of the workshop were to

  • understand the different views and mindsets of policy-makers and researchers
  • identify the main issues in SUSTAINABLE FOOD CONSUMPTION and develop a common understanding of the policy domain as a starting point for knowledge exchange
  • enable learning of innovative forms and methods of effective knowledge brokerage
  • provide a network opportunity between European policy-makers and researchers.


The outcomes, ideas and knowledge generated for and during the workshop are all available on the CORPUS website.


Dr. Gerd Scholl

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