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Welcome to the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)

The IÖW is a leading scientific institute in the field of practice-oriented sustainability research. It devises strategies and approaches for viable, long-term economic activity – for an economy which enables a good life and preserves natural resources.

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The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective on 25 May 2018. It protects und strengthens the handling of personal data. We also place value on a responsible way of handling your personal data. In the course of the new data protection regulation, we have updated our privacy policy. > more information


The 3-year project PROSEU under the EU “Horizon 2020” programme has been launched today by a group of researchers and local government representatives from 8 countries at a kick off meeting in Lisbon. With a focus on the role of citizens in producing and distributing their own renewable energy, its aim is to explore how this so-called “prosumerism” can help building a more sustainable future. Within the project the IÖW uses its prosumer-model for developing scenarios for 2030 and 2050 based on an analysis of technological solutions for prosumers under different geographical, climatic and socio-political conditions. > more information


Ever since the success of the so-called Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle) in post-war Germany, economic growth has remained the largely undisputed goal of economists and economic policy. The number of dissenting voices, however, employing terms such as post-growth, steady-state economies, or even degrowth, is increasing. In his newly published dissertation, IÖW-researcher and economist Steffen Lange has undertaken a comprehensive look at how a growth-free economy might function from a macroeconomic perspective. > more information


Effective February 2018, Dr. Christian Lautermann assumes leadership of the research field Corporate Management and Consumption at IÖW in Berlin. The economist’s work focusses on topics of sustainable management, corporate ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and social/sustainable entrepreneurship. > more information


How can cities and municipalities contribute to climate mitigation? What are the municipal institutions, actors and processes that matter? Which areas of activity and which approaches show promising results? These are the questions addressed in this anthology of the Cological Reaerch Network (ecornet), co-edited by Johannes Rupp, scientist at IÖW. In the book, researchers describe and analyse in 14 articles how the implementation of the Paris Agreement can be advanced by activities at the local level. > more information


The International Association for the Study of the Commons and the Research Group Right Seeds invite researchers to participate in the international workshop “Conceptualizing the New Commons: The Examples of Knowledge Commons & Seed and Variety Commons” in Oldenburg, Germany from 6th to 8th June 2018. Abstract submission is now open. Interested researchers are invited to advance conceptual-theoretical and organizational perspectives on the new commons. Deadline for submission of abstracts is February 25th, 2018. IÖW is project partner in the project Right Seeds. > more information


How easy is it to buy sustainable products on the Internet? A ranking of the 100 highest-grossing online shops in Germany now reveals which provides the best information on the environmental and social compatibility aspects of the products they sell. The ranking was published by IÖW, together with the consumer protection association Fo.KUS Konsum, Umwelt und Soziales. “During the Christmas holidays, a number of online retailers are anticipating new sales records. Quick and convenient shopping in the world’s largest department store is the lure of online commerce. Nevertheless, for consumers shopping for sustainably produced products, this vision does not hold or is only valid to a limited extent,” says study author Helmut Hagemann, commenting on the results. The five online sellers in Germany best serving the sustainable goods consumer are:,,,, and > more information





Our Responsibility

The IÖW also endeavours to make its own work as sustainable as possible. And at the same time we try to consider the social concerns of our employees. Read more here.

IÖW Annual Report 2016/2017

Please find further information on the IÖW in our Annual Report.

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IÖW – Partner in Ecornet

The IÖW is a partner in Ecornet, the network of leading non-university institutes of sustainability research in Germany.