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Projects on the topic "Digital Shift"

  • Approaches to Resource Conservation in the Context of Post-Growth Concepts

    The recent institutions of society and economy are mainly focused on economic growth, measured in Gross National Product (GDP). This enhances a consumption of resources that is incompatible with planetary boundaries. Current environmental policies [...] More

  • Consumer RoleNew Consumption Practices and Changes in the Consumer Role

    In recent years, collaborative economy practices have been boosted substantially by the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of digital networks. As collaboration between strangers has been greatly facilitated by the emergence of intermediary [...] More

  • PeerSharing

    The project “Peer-Sharing” focuses on innovative online-platforms, which act as an intermediary for peer-to-peer (consumer to consumer) lending, buying or swapping of products or services. At this point digital peer-to-peer sharing is a niche [...] More

  • Commons-based Peer Production in Open Labs (COWERK)

    The project COWERK intends to examine the adoption of cooperative ways of organizing the economy by using the example of open-access labs. The project has the aim of analyzing the adoption of new technological methods in the context of decentralized [...] More

  • Ranking of sustainability-related product information in E-Commerce (Top100 Online Shops)

    Product information serves to provide consumers with information and guidance about the sustainability of goods. Thus, product information works as a decision-making aid between more or less sustainable products. Given the overall importance of the [...] More