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Online ConferenceTurning Point 2020: Will it be different this time?Concepts and strategies for a resilient economy

Date: 25 September 2020


Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)
Association for Ecological Economy Research (VÖW)

The corona pandemic threatens the health of millions of people and overburdens supply systems worldwide. The coupled health and economic crises show the cracks in our socio-economic structures and make it clear that our highly differentiated economic system, trimmed for short-term efficiency and growth, is highly fragile. Will this crisis experience promote other, more resilient ways of living and doing business? Will 2020 be a turning point for good living, environment and climate?

2020 will set the course for the beginning decade and far beyond. We would like to discuss with you: Will it all be different this time?

Before Corona, the climate and biodiversity crisis affected many people. Social-ecological transformation concepts were discussed more broadly than before. For many people it was clear: without systemic reorientation, without overcoming the seemingly unalterable path dependencies, we will not find ways out of the acute economic and ecological crises. A 'business as usual' as after the financial crisis is no longer conceivable today. The window of opportunity to shape a sustainable future with courageous concepts and action strategies for resilient management has perhaps never been so wide open as it is this year. Courage to act is needed more than ever before.

Precautionary orientation, resilience and growth independence

The Institute and the Association for Ecological Economy Research invite you to discuss concepts and practical perspectives for far-reaching change at the online conference "Zeitenwende 2020". The conference will focus on the concepts of precautionary orientation, resilience and growth independence as well as particularly sustainability-relevant fields of action - energy system transformation, social infrastructures and supply systems, care economy, alternative economic approaches and digitization. The goal is to develop sustainable transformation strategies that raise systemic questions - in the area of tension between market and state as well as between postal growth and green growth.

The conference combines current research contributions from the (post-)growth debate such as the precautionary oriented postal growth position (Petschow et al. 2018; 2020), international transition research, inter- and transdisciplinary sustainability research as well as current environmental and economic policy debates such as those led to the European Green Deal.

The conference consists of workshops and panels in either German or English.
To the conference program

As early as 1985, our opening conference asked for "ways out of the industrial growth dilemma" - debates that are still of outstanding relevance today. Together with you, we would like to look for courageous ways to achieve resilient economic activity at our conference.