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Governance and New Approaches in Gender Policies

The strategy of gender mainstreaming calls for new instruments for gender policies. Meanwhile, gender impact assessments (GIA) are an important instrument for the gender mainstreaming: a strategy to eliminate unequal power relations between women and men. It was selected in 1997 by the European Union as a political top-down strategy. The contributors will present the main results of the GIA in the field of the environmental and sustainability research of the EU and will introduce gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting as instruments which contribute to a fundamentally democratic dimension of sustainability.


Dr. Irmagard Schulz and Dr. Diana Hummel
Institute for Social-Economic Research (ISOe),Frankfurt
The Instrument of Gender Impact Assessment in the Strategy of Gender Mainstreaming

Prof. Claudia von Braunmühl
Free University Berlin
Democratisation by Gender Mainstreaming

Chair: Dagmar Vinz
Free University Berlin

Workshop held in German