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Innovative Governance for Sustainability Innovation

Environmental innovations are increasingly seen as a solution to the dilemma of reaching progress towards sustainability in spite of increasing competition on the world market. However, the fostering of ecologically meaningful innovations poses a complex challenge for governance. This challenge is reflected in recent debates. The workshop will discuss the role of innovationssystems in this connection. The contributors to the workshop will address the new challenges from scientific and policy perspectives, pointing to the importance of institutional arrangements and of co-ordinated strategies.

Drs Derk Loorbach
ICIS, Maastricht
Transition Management: New Governance for Sustainability

Dr. K. Matthias Weber
ARCS, Seibersdorf
What Role for Politics in the Governance of Multi-level Innovation Systems?

Angela Liberatore
EU-Commission, DG Research, Brussels
Science and Governance: Reflecting on some Elements of the European Debate

Chair: Jan Nill
Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IOeW), Berlin

Workshop held in English