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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility clearly has an influence on the objectives and targets of companies and on the way companies communicate with their respective stakeholders. Two examples indicate how companies deal with social and environmental responsibility: Representatives of Deutsche Telekom and the Volkswagen group will give a general view of their vision of sustainability within society. The strategy of the Volkswagen group is to apply the same social standards at all sites throughout the world. Kathrin Ankele from IOEW will comment on the practical steps companies are planning to achieve sustainability.

Dr. Ignacio Campino
Deutsche Telekom, Berlin
German Telekom on the Way to Sustainability

Jörg Hartmann
BASF AG, Ludwigshafen
Social Responsibility and Corporate Management

Kathrin Ankele
Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IOeW), Berlin
Social Responsibility: An Unavoidable Strategic Necessity for MNE's?

Chair: Thomas Loew
Insitute for Ecological Economy Research (IOeW), Berlin

Workshop held in German