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Dr. Florian Kern again member of the steering group of the Sustainability Transition Research Network (STRN)

Head of IÖW research field “Environmental Policy and Governance”, Dr. Florian Kern, was re-elected in June 2018 as a member of the steering group of the Sustainability Transition Research Network (STRN) for the next two years. In his role, Kern participates in updating the research agenda of the network and tries to improve the interface between the network´s research and policy practice, among other things.

The STRN is an international network dealing with sustainability transitions. The research questions of the network involve transformation processes, their dynamics as well as which relevant actors and methods are important. The aim is to establish more sustainable modes of production and consumption through long-term transformation processes in existing industries, socio-technical systems and societies. The research agenda of the network describes the scientific und political challenges with which the networks deals, summarizes the state of research and gives suggestions on new topics and questions. The network is independent and has more than 1500 members from research and practice. 

Conference: “International Sustainability Transitions”

The re-election was announced at the 9th “International Sustainability Transitions” conference at the University of Manchester. At the conference, scientists and actors from political practice, such as the European Environment Agency, discussed the systemic change towards sustainability. The main question of the conference was to what extent technical, social and organizational innovations interact on the supply and demand side and thus possibly lead to a change in the system as a whole, for example in the areas of energy, mobility or nutrition.
Together with Dr. Karoline Rogge, SPRU and Frauenhofer ISI, Kern gave a presentation on “Policy mixes for sustainability transitions: Taking stock and developing future research ideas and policy insights”.


Dr. Florian Kern has been head of the research field “Environmental Policy and Governance” at IÖW since May 2018. He focuses on sustainability transitions, innovation research, governance, environment, and energy and climate policy.

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