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Guidelines for Climate Impact and Vulnerability Assessments

How vulnerable are we to the consequences of climate change? To find systematic answers to this question, scientists developed new research methods: climate impact and vulnerability assessments. It was less than two years ago, when the first nation-wide and cross-sectoral study “Germany’s Vulnerability to Climate Change” was published. For this study an encompassing methodological approach with participation of scientists and authorities was developed.

To give interested stakeholders access to the expertise gained in this process, the Interministerial Working Group on Adaption to Climate Change of the German Federal Government (IMA Adaption) now published the “Guidelines for Climate Impact and Vulnerability Assessments”. These guidelines provide methodological recommendations for the execution of climate impact and vulnerability assessments at regional and national level. They were edited by the IÖW on behalf of the (German) Federal Environment Agency.

The guidelines intend to support the methodical preparatory work and planning and design. The aim is to develop comparable research results of sectoral and cross-sectoral climate impact and vulnerability assesments at federal and state (Land) level. The guidelines are aimed at federal and state (Land) authorities, funding agencies, research institutes and advisory bodies working on climate impacts and vulnerability at regional and national level as well as other interested parties both in Germany and abroad.


Download in English (PDF; 1,5 MB)

Download in German (PDF; 1,5 MB)