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Presentation Challenges with regard to the acceptance of energy-related refurbishments in Germany

Conference: Städte als Akteure der Energiewende
Event by: DFBEW/ OFATE
13.03.19, Paris

In order to achieve an almost climate-neutral building stock by 2050, almost all residential buildings must be comprehensively renovated by 2050 by the predominantly private owners. At present, however, the acceptance of energetic refurbishment by the population is rather low. In addition to reservations against insulation measures on the façade, an important reason for this is the question of financing the measures. Many owners are not willing or able to finance the cost-intensive renovation measures. Many tenants fear rent increases due to modernization, especially in tense housing markets. What political instruments should be applied to help ensure that energy-efficient refurbishment is carried out in a socially acceptable manner?

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