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Presentation The digitalised energy transition - In the conflict between energy saving potentials and additional energy consumption

Workshop: 5. Forum Bits & Bäume: Wie viele Bits braucht die Energiewende?
Event by: IÖW
02.11.20 - 02.11.20, Online

That the digitalisation of the energy system plays an important role in the energy transition is largely undisputed. But does it make ecological sense to completely digitise the energy system? Or are the energy and resources required for this not actually more serious than the added value that is achieved? After all, there is always something material behind all digital solutions, namely data centres, cables, measurement and control technology, etc., the production and operation of which in turn require energy and resources. This is then contrasted with the savings that result either directly where the digitalisation was used or through efficiencies in the entire energy system. The presentation shows quantitative results using the example of the use of smart meters and feedback systems in households and shows in which cases there is a positive or negative environmental balance.