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Panel Discussion Digitalization and energy

Festival: 26. Umweltfestival „Digitalisierung? Natürlich nachhaltig!“
Event by: GRÜNE LIGA Berlin
19.09.21, Berlin

Prof. Hirschl spoke with Georg Friedrichs, Chairman of the Board of GASAG AG, and Dirk Meyer, Head of the Department for Administration, Budget, Research and Digitalisation at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, on the topics of digitalisation, sustainability and the energy transition. It became clear that the future should hold decentralised energy generation in order to create greater resilience as well as more acceptance for the expansion of renewable energies. Digitalisation can help to understand energy consumption and act as a control instrument. Nevertheless, mass consumption in the digital world also represents additional consumption, which is why it must be made more efficient and sufficiency-oriented. Therefore, the topics should be thought of more together in order to advance the necessary transformation.

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