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Presentation Possibilities for municipalities to influence the reduction of plastic packaging use: Insights from the project "Innoredux"

Digitaler Workshop: Workshop „Kommunale Handlungsmöglichkeiten zur Plastikvermeidung, -subsitution und –reduktion“
Event by: Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW)
30.11.20 - 30.11.20,

As part of the Innoredux project, the IÖW invited representatives from municipalities, cities, waste management and community initiatives to a virtual workshop to discuss which good examples of plastic reduction measures already exist in municipalities and where it is worthwhile to think further. In the beginning, Frieder Rubik presented the findings of the project concerning the possible influence of municipalities on plastic packaging waste. In his presentation, he distinguished between the target groups 'businesses' and 'consumers', which include procurement, schools and daycare centers and private households. Regarding companies, there are opportunities to promote a local low-packaging product range, the expansion of reusable systems and financial incentives. With regard to consumers, the options focus on regulations, expansion of infrastructure, and education and awareness campaigns. Following the presentation, the participants discussed further measures.

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