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Presentation Energy Sharing – Gemeinschaftlich Strom im Verteilnetz erzeugen und nutzen

Presentation series: Kieler Energiediskurs
Event by: Gesellschaft für Energie und Klimaschutz Schleswig-Holstein GmbH, WiSo-Fakultät der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel und Institut für Weltwirtschaft
10.07.23, Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel, Fraunhofer Str. 13, 24118 Kiel

The concept of energy sharing is a promising approach to support the further spread of renewable energies through increased acceptance: Citizens can co-finance wind power or solar plants in their area and purchase the electricity produced themselves. However, the existing structures for the promotion of renewable energies do not currently provide for this.

In a potential study, we determined how many people in Germany could basically supply themselves with electricity via energy sharing, i.e. become part of a renewable energy community that operates energy sharing and supplies its members with electricity. The concept of “Energy Sharing” and the potential for the region and for the whole of Germany was presented on this evening.

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