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Presentation Financing the Job Enlargement of Berlin's Municipal Utilities

Committee: Sitzung des Ausschusses für Wirtschaft, Energie, Betriebe
Event by: Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin
13.02.17, Berlin

Professor Bernd Hirschl presented the financing of Berlin’s municipal utilities in Berlin’s House of Representatives. He expanded upon the planned budget, also in comparison with other cities. He introduced the effects of refinancing under certain conditions and the possible added value for the city’s budget. He discussed the role of active energy supply companies, further necessary measures and specific advantages of municipal utilities. He concluded with two pieces of advice: the development of Berlin’s municipal utilities should not be rushed and the range of tasks should be expanded gradually instead.

<link https: ados wienbe protokoll web18-002-wp.pdf external-link-new-window external link in new>Verbatim Record of the Meeting (german)