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Presentation Interactions between ecosystem services of agricultural landscapes and climate change - approaches to economic valuation

Workshop: 8. Workshops an der Internationalen Naturschutzakademie des Bundesamtes für Naturschutz
31.08.11 - 03.09.11, Vilm

The land surface in Germany is used intensily. Land use fulfills various social requirements. Competitions in regard to land use are strengthened by climate change. But changes of land use or the cultivation systems have various consequences as well. Hence, the objective of the project "CC-LandStraD" is to develop socially capable land use strategies for Germany in order to contribute to climate mitigation and adaptations - by the necessary adaptations of land use (systems). Important questions of the project are:

  • How can land use in Germany contribute to mitigate climate change?

  • How can agricultural and forest land use structures be modified for climate adaptation and sustainable settlement patterns look like?

In the subproject on " socioeconomic assessment of land management strategies“ processed by IÖW, we focus in particular on the connection between agricultural land use, the provision of ecosystem services and climate change. There is an urgent need for action, because agriculture produces a considerable proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. The agricultural sector offers a big potential for saving such emissions by an active contribution to climate mitigating land use strategies. Besides, land use itself has to adapt to the consequences of climate change.