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Presentation International Organisations and the Governance of Deep Transitions: The case of a transition towards a circular economy

Conference: International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST 2019)
Event by: Carleton University, Ottawa
23.06.19 - 26.06.19, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

In this presentation, the research team develops a framework which aims to explain why and how international organisations absorb newideas and rules and through which channels they contribute to their diffusion internationally. The analysis focusses specifically on the role the European Union (EU) has been playing in promoting this norm internationally as it is seen as a frontrunner and promoter of the concept of circular economy.

The research of Dr. Florian Kern and his team focusses on proposition 5 of Schot and Kanger (2018: 1954) which claims that it is international and transnational organisations that contribute to the circulation of rules beyond individual socio-technical systems and national boundaries and play an important part in the frenzy phase. The aim is to theoretically further develop and empirically test this proposition to obtain a better understanding of the role of international organisations in shaping meta-rules by conceptualising the role of international organisations and expert networks in creating shared rules.

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