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Presentation Policy Mixes for Sustainability Transitions: Taking Stock and Developing Future Research Ideas and Policy Insights

Conference: 9th International Sustainability Transition Conference
Event by: Sustainability Transitions Research Network/ University of Manchester
01.01.70 - 01.01.70, Manchester, Großbritannien

Policy mixes is an important new research topic. It was recognized that more research is needed on how policy mixes aimed at promoting innovation should look like and in particular the implications of the need to foster wider sustainability transitions (Markard et al. 2012). For such sustainability transitions, policy mixes are required in order to address not only traditional market failures such as underinvestment in R&D or negative environmental externalities, but also structural and transformational system failures (Weber and Rohracher 2012). Our presentation was based on the draft introduction to a special issue in Research Policy we are currently guest editing on the topic of Policy Mixes for Sustainability Transitions. It explained the utility of a policy mix perspective, discussed a range of promising research strands and exemplified this topic by drawing on three contributions already published.

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