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Presentation Project Esquire - Energy storage services for smart neighbourhoods

Convention: Regionale Energiekonferenz Lausitz-Spreewald „Energiespeicher: Forschung – Trends - Herausforderungen“
Event by: Regionale Planungsgemeinschaft Lausitz-Spreewald
05.12.17, Cottbus

The project Esquire examines services provided by Community Electricity Storages for tenants, but also for municipalities, network operators and other actors. Compared to smaller home electricity storages, Community Electricity Storages can offer synergies regarding technical use and are furthermore suitable for the combination of different services (e.g. personal consumption and network services).
Presently, however, the realization lacks a clear frame above all in the legal realm, which is needed in order to develop appropriate business models. The project implements different services in two districts together with the tenants in these districts and examines the different users’ needs regarding the services in order to give recommendations for actions. The talk summarizes the motivation for Community Electricity Storages and the relevance for municipalities and gives an overview of the project Esquire and the districts involved.

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