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Presentation Prosumer-Households: Backgrounds and ideas for a social-ecological funding policy

Jahreskonferenz des Leibniz-Forschungsverbunds Energiewende: (De)zentrale Energiewende – Wirklichkeiten, Widersprüche und Visionen
Event by: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
01.06.16, Berlin

Prosumers are discussed as an important actor for the energy transformation. Even if an economic incentive is an important factor for Prosumer-Households, ther are further motive for self-sufficiency with energy. For example the rate on self-sufficiency can be a value itself which can be the pursue of getting more independent. Therefore it is important to take a deeper look into this actors and to include them with a benificial impact for the transformation of the energy system. This means not only knowing their motivation but also which implications on the consuming and production patterns can be expected and how an integration is best possible.

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