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Presentation Renewable Energies and Their Impact on Local Value Added and Employment

Research Conference: German-Japanese Research Conference: "Economic Effects of Renewable Energy Modelling Regional Value Added"
04.02.14, Ritsumeikan University, Tokyo, Japan

Accepting an invitation for a international research conference, the IÖW-experts Steven Salecki and Andreas Prahl attended this event of a historic German-Japanese cooperation. Steven Salecki presented a methodology developed at the IÖW to determine regional economic effects by the expansion and operation of renewable energies. He gave an overview of the results for the calculated value added by renewable energies in Germany and revealed the economic potentials of renewable technologies. Prof. Dr. Jörg Raupach-Sumiya presented an adaption of this model for Japan he developed in cooperation wit the IÖW. The participants got various insights in the modeling approach and discussed the importance for the Japanese energy system transition.