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Presentation Socially responsible energy refurbishments

Workshop: Transferwerkstatt „Klimaschutz – Stärkung der Quartiere“
Event by: Empirica AG
21.03.23, virtual

Energy refurbishments are imperative to achieve the goal of a climate-neutral building stock. In addition to a move away from fossil-fuel heating technologies, this includes in particular the insulation of the building envelope.

In rented housing stocks, the energy efficiency measures can be passed on to the residents' cold rent via the modernization levy. The extent to which the rent increase is socially acceptable depends to a large extent on the energy cost savings realized through the refurbishment.

The lecture shows that the question of the social compatibility of energy-efficient renovations depends on a multitude of factors and always depends on the individual case. However, the tendency shows that due to the recent strong increase in construction costs and the reduced subsidies, a rent neutrality cannot be achieved as a rule.