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Presentation The evaluation of the European eco-label and the outcome of the revision of the European eco-label schemes

Sustainable Development Evaluations in Europe: From a Decade of Practices, Politics and Science to Emerging Demands
17.11.10 - 19.11.10, Brüssel (Belgien)

The author was a core partner of the EVER (“Evaluation of EMAS and Eco-label for their Revision”) consortium which evaluated the EU eco-label scheme and presented its findings in 2006.

The fundamental aim of the EVER study was to provide recommendations for the revision of the voluntary EU eco-label scheme managed by the European Commission. A couple of options and recommendations were proposed for the revision of the scheme based on the evidence collected in the different phases of the project.

In the following years, the European Commission considered these recommendations, discussed the report within different policy arenas, carried out stakeholder consultations, prepared several drafts of a revision of the EU eco-label scheme. Finally, in 2009, the revision of the EU eco-label scheme was agreed and an update of the scheme has been published.

The presentation analyses: the role of the EVER study – scientific advices – within the policy-making process, the relevance of the different recommendations and compares the proposals of the EVER-study with the modifications of the EU-eco-label directive.