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Presentation The precautionary principle and the innovation principle. Results of a short study commissioned by NABU

Mittagsgespräch: Politisches Mittagsgespräch
Event by: NABU
12.10.17, NABU-Bundesgeschäftsstelle, Berlin

In order to improve the innovation climate in Germany and Europe, representatives of research-intensive large companies and meanwhile also the EU are calling for the introduction of an innovation principle, which should accompany on the precautionary principle, which is used in the approval testing of new products and processes. With regard to the available proposals and documents, it should be noted that these are primarily aimed at an "innovation climate" and offer little guidance in concrete weighing processes. It seems necessary that the approaches of the "Better Regulation Agenda" and the regulatory impact assessment should be put into concrete terms and that a systematic record of the reasons for concern and the benefit promises should be made. In addition, opening up research, development and innovation processes is promising. This is illustrated by the case study Gene Editing (CRISPR/cas) and GeneDrives.