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Presentation Urban Heat Transition – Requirements for the Transition of Berlin's Heat Infrastructure

Workshop: Strategieworkshop Wärmewende 2030
Event by: Heinrich-Böll-Stifung
10.10.17, Berlin

In his talk Professor Bernd Hirschl, head of the research project “Urban heat transition” at the IÖW, presented the present state of the heat transition in Germany and specifically in Berlin. Heat contributes to more than half of final energy, but the amount of renewables is less than 15%. Political programs have been devised, but the renovation rate remains low and is not defined to fit its purpose. Climate protection is too often left out. Due to the heat market’s complexity, problematic legal conditions and the question of acceptance, not enough has happened and active measures need to be taken in the future. Professor Hirschl identifies electricity supply for flexible heat, climate friendly CHP-district heat and a generally more fragmented approach in order to reduce complexity as central areas of activity. Furthermore, he mentions cities as important actors that can change something.

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