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Presentation Thermal energy transition and socio-ecological conflicts

Konferenz: Die Rolle von Mieter*innen bei der Energiewende in Berlin. Veranstaltung auf den Berliner Energietagen
Event by: Berliner Energietage
30.04.21, Berlin (digital)

The building sector – being responsible for more than half of the final energy demand of Berlin – and in particular rented multifamily houses play a key role in order achieve climate neutrality in the capital until 2050. Comprehensive energy refurbishments and a transition of heating systems to renewable energies are necessary, leading to challenges for both landlords and tenants due to resulting rent increases. Results from model calculations show, that ambitious energy refurbishments can be realized in a way that both landlords and tenants benefit. Still, the social compatibility is highly depending on the political framework, the use of subsidies and the landlords allocation practice. In the interest of not to put an additional burden on tenants inside an already tense situation on the housing market in Berlin, a political framework is necessary that encourage landlords to renovate in an ambitious and socially acceptable way.