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Presentation Added value as an influencing factor for the local renewable energy acceptance - Insights from the ReWA research project

Conference: Mehr regionale Wertschöpfung und Bürgerbeteiligung bei Windkraft- und Solarprojekten
Event by: Stadt Dardesheim, Landesenergieagentur Sachsen-Anhalt, Windpark Druiberg
03.02.23, Rathaus Dardesheim, Sachsen-Anhalt

The expansion of renewable energies (RE) is associated with far-reaching changes in the energy system and means a significant intervention in the usual living environment at the local level. In order to avoid possible conflicts and resistance to the expansion of renewable energies and to increase the acceptance of the residents, it is important to involve the citizens. There are still knowledge deficits, especially with regard to the connection between different models of financial participation, regional added value and acceptance. Steven Salecki presented the first results from the ReWA project, which point to the important role of economic participation and its respective design.