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Projects on the topic "Production and Consumption"

  • Evaluation Utopia City Guide

    The task of the IÖW is the evaluation of a project of the Utopia AG called “Utopia City Guide”, where national yellow pages are developed, that are internet based and refer to green products and services only. The project is supported by Deutschen [...] More

  • New Target Groups for the Blue Angel Eco-Labelling Scheme

    The Blue Angel faces a further changing environment: competition with other labels increases and the label's visibility on retailers' shelves declines. Against this background, the expertise aims to develop proposals for the future communication [...] More

  • Material Efficiency and Resource Conservation (MaRess)

    Environmental burdens due to the extraction and use of resources, the related emissions and the disposal of waste lead directly to ecological and subsequently also social and economic problems. Insecurity of supply, a shortage of resources, [...] More

  • Cohesion Policy and Sustainable Development

    The aim of the study is to: define sustainable development (and in particular the integration of economic, social and environmental objectives) in the context of Cohesion Policy, which will remain primarily an economic and social development policy; [...] More

  • Concept of a product-related toprunner model on EU level

    The eco-design of products gets increasing importance. Also on EU-level, it is to a large extent agreed that environmental regulation with dynamic standards is needed which gives strong incentives for resource-efficient innovations. The German [...] More