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ProPower: System Analysis Power2Products Economic and socio-ecological implications of a cross-sectoral power utilisation

Several studies expect that renewable energy shares of more than 60 % in the German electricity sector will result in significant excess power production throughout longer periods within a year. Due to infrastructure bottlenecks, excess production is already the case on a regional level today. In this context, concepts and production methods are being discussed that make use of this low-cost resource in the manufacturing industry. This concept, which is known as »power2x« or »power2products«, is oriented towards available power supply. This shift from demand to supply orientation will affect existing economic structures and trigger new forms of economic collaboration.
In the ProPower project, economic, social and ecologic implications of the power2products concept are analyzed. The aim is to provide a socio-ecological and economic technology assessment considering markets, potentials and infrastructure. Furthermore, the changes in manufacturing conditions and the resulting effects on working conditions are analyzed. The project results shall provide knowledge that supports political decision makers in aligning energy and economic policy measures and activities with the three goals of security of supply, environmental compatibility and economic viability. Thereby, the overall efficiency of the system energy/manufacturing industry can be improved.

IÖW Project Team