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Climate-residents. New Roles, Chances and Responsibilities of Citizens in the Transformation of the Energy System

The project analyses residents' roles and courses of actions in transforming the energy system. It pursues the following objectives:

  • analysing the municipal and regional role structures, role models and behaviours;

  • portraying transitions, interdependences and conflicts between roles;

  • portraying stimulating and inhibiting factors affecting the performance of roles;

  • developing and trying out methods of participation in developing a strategy for using the existing role potentials;

  • creating a signpost for activating and supporting climate citizens.

The project is subdivided into four work packages:

  • analysing the framework conditions, various roles, areas of action and capacity for action in the partner regions;

  • developing concepts specific to municipalities for supporting climate citizens;

  • carrying out a field test with the four partner regions using various measures for encouraging residents to take action;

  • developing a signpost for municipalities for promoting and supporting the roles of residents in transforming the energy system.

IÖW Project Team

  • Michael Kreß
  • Ria Müller