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Climate Resilient City of Bremen BREsilient

Climate change affects Bremen in many ways. To meet these challenges, the city state created an adaptation strategy. The project “BREsilient” aims at developing Bremen into a climate resilient city of the future. It builds on the adaptation strategy and the results of former regional research projects on climate change adaption. In the three focus areas maritime economy cluster, flood protection “Pauliner Marsch” and heavy rain prevention “Blumenthaler Aue” transdisciplinary policy-labs will be established and recommendations for local policy and governance derived.

BREsilient pursues three goals:

  • Supporting the prioritization of adaptation measures, in particular based on participatory cost-benefit analyses and an inter-sectoral coordination within the political-administrative system
  • Preparing the implementation of adaptation measures in pilot projects within the policy-labs
  • Implementing theoretically and methodologically sound coordination and participation processes with decision-makers, stakeholders and citizens.

The IÖW contributes in particular to the first two objectives. The project team estimates the regional economic effects of climate change adaptation, carries out a participatory cost-benefit analysis and integrates it into sectoral coordination processes in the context of the policy-lab for inter-sectoral prioritization of adaptation measures. Further, it contributes to the assessment of the vulnerability of the maritime economy cluster.

The social benefit for Bremen lies primarily in the science-based prioritization of adaptation measures based on the project results. This supports the identification of adaptation measures for the maritime economy and the decision for flood prevention measures in selected areas. Other cities can benefit from the developed concepts for prioritizing adaptation measures and coordinating different administrative authorities, stakeholders and citizens.

In an implementation and consolidation phase, the follow-up project BREsilient II pursues the overarching goal of further strengthening climate resilience in the administration, economy and society.

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