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Combating climate change and moorland management strategies

In the debate about alternative strategies for combating climate change and the emission of climate-relevant gases, agricultural land use plays a significant role both as an emitter and with regard to potential avoidance strategies. The aim of this transdisciplinary project is thus to identify synergies between moorland protection and climate change mitigation, to quantify the contribution alternative moorland use can make towards mitigating climate change – in additional to technical innovations – and to estimate the corresponding micro- and macro-economic effects.

Within this project the IÖW is responsible for the economic analysis and evaluation of alternative strategies for moorland use, in particular from a macro-economic viewpoint. In this connection, the performance of the eco-system with regard to combating climate change is to be estimated and evaluated in monetary terms, whilst the efficiency of combating climate change with adapted land use is to be assessed comparatively by ascertaining the CO2 avoidance costs of other sectors of the national economy. In addition, the social appreciation and acceptance of different options are to be assessed and finally the various monetary and non-monetary parameters subjected to a multi-criteria evaluation procedure.  

IÖW Project Team