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Concentrating Market Power. Bulk Consumer as Change Agent for Innovation Towards Sustainable Consumption

The project builds on the experience gained with public procurement (GPP) but breaks new ground by aiming at non-public bulk consumers which, either individually or as a group, could provide supply-side stimuli for innovation as innovation-oriented buyers.

In the process, a systematic overview of relevant, non-public bulk consumers in Germany will first be prepared. At the same time, product-related environmental innovations of major ecological significance with high barriers to market entry will be identified and options for the removal of these barriers for environmental innovations through non-public bulk consumers will be determined. Specifically, three examples will be used to investigate which form interaction between innovators and users, i.e. between suppliers and buyers, might take in order to support the launching onto and dissemination of environmental innovations in the market. Finally, proposals for environmental policies will be developed and implemented by way of example. They will include possible strategies for mobilising bulk consumers and combining their market power for promoting environmental innovations.

IÖW Project Team

  • Ria Müller