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Corona and Sustainability In search of a new balance between market, state and civil society for a resilient society

The global corona pandemic hit most countries unprepared and has had a massive impact on the health of the world's population to this day. At the same time, the measures required to combat the disease have led to considerable economic and social effects, the dimensions of which cannot yet be predicted at present. The pandemic is therefore often interpreted as the turn of an era. The Corona crisis has highlighted existing tensions, such as the unequal distribution effects of globalization, the economic crises, for example in the automotive industry, and the fragility of our highly differentiated production system. However, the question of crisis security does not only arise for the production system. The study asks which more resilient structures our production system can have, which potentials for a socio-ecological transformation can be raised and last but not least, which adjustment reactions of companies and alternative economic actors exist in the crisis.

IÖW Project Team