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Development of an internet-based calculator to determine the local value added of renewable energies

The Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) carried out the study "Local Value Added through Renewable Energies" between April and September 2010. The project was conducted on behalf of the German Renewable Energy Agency (AEE). Within the project, the IÖW developed a model to determine the value added and employment effects of 16 different local renewable energy technologies.

The enormous interest in the study, as well as the fact that the calculation of value added by means of the indicators in the study involves high effort and in-depth knowledge of the technologies, formed the idea of an internet-based value added calculator. Local decision-makers, who are involved in planning of renewable energy projects, get an opportunity to estimate value added and employment effects generated within the period of planning and operation of renewable energy plants. 

The AEE, who coordinates the project on behalf of the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) as well as other associations and organizations for renewable energies, commissioned the IÖW with the implementation of the internet-based calculator.

IÖW Project Team