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Shaping the socio-ecological transformation together in a just way Alliances of social, welfare, environmental associations and trade unions

From both a social and an ecological perspective, the current economic and lifestyle practices in industrialized countries have serious negative impacts. They exploit the environment and pollute the climate and at the same time lead to inequality and social division. A socio-ecological transformation process is needed that both overcomes existing injustices and avoids possible new social injustices arising in the transformation process. The motto: "Just Transition". 

This project explores new design approaches that understand the socio-ecological transformation as a joint task for the whole of society in this sense. Organized civil society associations, especially social, welfare and environmental associations as well as trade unions, which deal with the issues of intra- and intergenerational justice and inequality from different perspectives, develop strategies for action for the process of socio-ecological transformation in the project.

The problem definition as well as the potential solutions will be developed together with the associations in order to generate practical results. To this end, a space will be created for the participating actors to critically and constructively reflect on the associations' previous experiences with the challenges of the socio-ecological transformation in the form of a meta-workshop. Furthermore, the participating organizations can bring together their findings, experiences and challenges of the socio-ecological transformation in a concrete field of action - for example, on the topics of housing, construction, energy, rents. In field of action workshops, the participants discuss socio-ecological transformation paths and derive recommendations for action. The IÖW initiates these processes, accompanies them scientifically and evaluates them. 

IÖW Project Team