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Digitalization and social-ecological transformation Rebound Risks and Sufficiency Opportunities of Digital Services

Economy and society are facing fundamental structural change that is largely driven by the digitalization of production and consumption. Concepts such as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) or (in Germany) ‘Industry 4.0’ are regarded as new strategies for economic growth. Respective social and ecological impacts, however, have not yet been comprehensively investigated. The research group will empirically analyze potential rebound risks and identify opportunities for sufficiency of digital services in the three areas of mobility, food consumption/commerce, and housing (SmartHome). The PhD and habilitation projects will also develop policy tools and governance instruments designing digitalization in a way that contributes to a social-ecological transformation into a degrowth Society.

The junior research group is a joint research project of the Technical University of Berlin and the Institute for Ecological Economy Research in cooperation with partners from industry, policy-making and trade unions.

IÖW Project Team