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Environmental Awareness in Germany 2018 Representative Survey on Environmental Awareness and Environmental Behaviour in 2018, including Socio-scientific Analyses and Development of a Youth Policy Agenda

The environmental awareness study has been gathering information on environmental awareness of the population in Germany in a representative poll every two years since 1996. Citizens are asked about their assessment of the state of the environment, their personal environment-related behaviour and their attitudes and opinions on environment and climate protection. The aim is to work out and understand the prevailing thought/action patterns on the subject of the environment in society. The research project will be supported by a scientific advisory board.

The environmental awareness study is based on a broad and flexible research design featuring qualitative and quantitative elements:

  • The main representative survey will be split into two parallel collection waves each comprising around 2,000 interviewees. The survey will be conducted as an online poll.
  • The main survey will also be supplemented with a youth study and other qualitative research components.

The results of the main survey will be published in a brochure in 2019. It will be aimed at the general public and is intended to provide an overview of the developments to date and the current state of environmental awareness in Germany. Selected results will also be presented in an expert discussion and at a symposium. In addition, results will be processed in supplementary policy papers.

IÖW Project Team