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Future markets in forest-wood chain (ZUFO) Verbesserung der Innovations- und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit am Beispiel des Holzbaus in der Region Allgäu

The project ZUFO pursues a modular and multi-dimensional analysis of an exemplary forest-timber-chain in the wood construction sector. Together with businesses and associations, it aims at pointing out practical development possibilities for a competitive, ecologically compatible, socially fair and sustainable future and putting them into practice. For this, a foundation in the form of a sustainable management approach shall be developed for the entire chain at first. During the course of the project, this approach will be aligned continually to the conditions and preconditions in recursive loops. Starting from this basis, innovation potentials and restraints in the chain of wood construction shall be analysed both in regards to existing demands on the side of the market and on the side of the producers. The collective display of the modules makes it possible to detect development fields transferred to other forest-timber-chains and to develop adequate target group specific concepts. The dissemination of results shall be secured by the "project on wheels" approach, through corresponding guidelines and publications in sector specific and scientific media.IÖW's responsibilities are focussed towards the BEARBEITUNG of two modules:

a) Module 2 „Demand side-oriented transition strategies for BAUHOLZ construction wood - p roduc markets“ and

b) Module 4 „ Organisational requirements to the ERSCHLIESSUNG of future markets“.

IÖW Project Team