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German Photovoltaics Industry - Branchreport 2002 Branchenreport 2002

The study focuses on the situation and development of the German Photovoltaics-Industry using actual indicators of the branch. The data (and derived indicators) was mainly gained from statistical surveys (field research). This was necessary because the availability of such data is actually very low due to fact that the market is still young, small and very dynamic. The study was funded by the German Association of Solar Business (Unternehmensvereinigung Solarwirtschaft UVS). The survey concentrated on the German market respectively German sites and production because of the linkage with (positive) economic effects that take place in Germany (like investments, employment etc.). The study focuses on the actual quantities of production and capacities built up since 1998, and takes a look until 2004. Beside of this new data of the German PV-Industy performance the study shows also the investments and capital structure of the German PV-Industry for the first time: from 1998 to 2004 the German PV-Industry will have invested about 1 thousand Million Euro in German production factories.