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Green City of the Future II - Climate-Resilient Neighborhoods in a Growing City Implementation and stabilization phase

A result of the ongoing global urbanization process, cities are playing an increasingly important role in climate protection and adaptation. Urban and open space planning are crucial disciplines for developing climate-resilient and livable neighborhoods. However, for a comprehensive mainstreaming, i.e. the integration of climate protection and adaptation strategies into planning, there are still many challenges and needs for action. A key task is to increase the individual and institutional capacities ('capacity building') of actors in urban-, landscape- and open space planning, as well as of actors in urban society (e.g. housing sector, traders, civil society). Capacity building can open up new perspectives and help to question entrenched standard procedures in planning and decision-making processes. This helps to break through path dependencies in order to meet the challenges of climate change and the associated design options.

The aim of the project "Green City of the Future II" is to enable the transfer of findings from the R&D phase of the project into practice. The findings comprise knowledge on integrative approaches that support the development of green, climate-resilient neighborhoods in growing cities. To achieve this goal, the project follows two approaches: 'mainstreaming' and 'capacity building'.

In the mainstreaming part, the IÖW will process relevant content of its work from the R&D phase in order to feed it into the project activities. The aim is to achieve an early and effective integration of climate adaptation and climate protection aspects into the planning practice. The focus is on both the support of competition processes in the City of Munich and the development of working principles for urban and urban land use planning procedures with regard to climate adaptation and climate protection aspects.

The capacity building part is the main focus of the IÖW's work. Therefore, the project team will develop - with the participation of research and practice partners - qualification modules and formats, both for self-study and for interaction. This offer will address mainly actors of the municipal administration as well as private planning offices. In addition, other actors of the urban society (see above) as well as multipliers will be addressed. The resulting capacity building offer will be made accessible via relevant networks and communication channels.

Information and products on the project "Green City of the Future I", such as brochures, factsheets, video and other publications can be found here.

IÖW Project Team