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KonsumWende Sustainable consumption for the preservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity worldwide

The consumption of goods and services has become a defining characteristic of modern-day (industrial) societies and is accompanied by an enormous and continuously increasing use of resources. Agricultural production is for example associated with 70 % of the world's terrestrial biodiversity loss. Consumption also has a significant impact on the provision of ecosystem services worldwide. While consciousness of the need for environmentally and nature-compatible consumption is quite high in Germany, this does not necessarily result in sustainable consumption patterns.

The project ‘KomsumWende’ aims to develop tools and policy recommendations that can promote consumption patterns that lead to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the global south. For this purpose, the effects of German consumption behavior on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the global south will be identified through the use of case studies in the fields of food, mobility and clothing. Subsequently, promising policy instruments are identified and their effectiveness evaluated.

IÖW Project Team