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Development and revision of award criteria for the German Ecolabel ‘Blue Angel for textiles

In this research project the research team from the Oeko-Institute, Hydrotox and IÖW is revising the criteria of the Blue Angel eco-label for textiles (DE-UZ 154).

One novelty is a thorough ecological assessment of the range of fibres which are used or currently under development. This is carried out by the Oeko-Institute in the course of this revision and further development of the eco-label.

As another innovation the IÖW will derive tender specifications for public procurement on the basis of the revised label criteria.

Furthermore, IÖW will

  • compare five environmental and sustainability labelling systems (labels) for textiles with the Blue Angel Textile standard

  • compare and evaluate the German government's minimum requirements for environmental and social labels according to the evaluation method of the "Siegelklarheit" initiative with the revised requirements of the Blue Angel Textile standard

  • comment on the revised criteria of the Blue Angel for textiles

  • propose suitable criteria for sustainable packaging solutions.

In addition, IÖW is examining whether and how new aspects such as waste textiles as material input, design for circularity and repairability could be considered in the upcoming Blue Angel Textile standard. These topics will therefore be discussed in briefing papers. IÖW will deliver content-related contributions to other briefings concerning the topics of durability, microplastics and product identification via radio frequency identification (RFID) or other tracking systems.

The research results will be discussed in various expert meetings during the course of the project and made available to the (expert) public. An additional intention is to develop an online training seminar.

IÖW Project Team