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LowExTra – Low-Exergy-Grids for Storing and Distributing Heat at Different Temperature Levels

The objective of the project is to investigate and develop a new, intelligent and democratic district heating grid. The grid is - in contrast to exisisting district heating systems with one flow line and one return line - flexible to integrate and supply heat at different temperature levels. Several lines with different temperatures (e.g. 15°C, 30°C, 45°C, 60°C) allow for the integration and maximization of  heat from renewable energy sources (such as solar heat, geothermal and groundwater energy) and waste heat. The grid thus functions as a big thermal store, analogous to a stratified storage tank with variable feed-in and consumption. The IÖW will analyse the economic feasibility of such democratic grids in comparison to existing heating technologies. In doing so we will consider the perspective of the various involved actors such as those who supply heat, consume heat or operate the grid. The IÖW will additionally identify adequate financial arrangements  and quantifiy the value added and employment effects.

IÖW Project Team