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Needs and Opportunities for Climate Resilient and Sustainable Design of National and Cross-Border Infrastructure

The result of the research project will be the systematization and processing of existing knowledge concerning the development dynamics, the guiding principles and the interdependencies of the infrastructures and possible design options and necessities. This is done, inter alia, on the basis of the developed system model, the identified "weaknesses" and needs and the processes of understanding (knowledge synthesis) to the requirements of climate resilient and sustainable infrastructures. These preparations are bundled into scenarios of climate resilient and sustainable infrastructures. Thus, the research project deals mainly with the process of communication about sustainable infrastructures, relevant guiding principles, possible development dynamics and control variables and processes required for the "great transformation". The results of this dialogue process should be in consequence the base for another UFOPLAN project, focusing on concrete transformation strategies, development paths and design options.

IÖW Project Team